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Blue Herons

Action Adventure International Intrigue
(Penn Gwinn series)

The Belize File

Penn Gwinn is wrapping up his vacation in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. The weather is nice, the people are typically friendly, but the conditions of his last day turn violent. A noon-time meeting leads to murder, international intrigue, and a plot to control the world.

At home in California, Penn encounters a sumptuously beautiful red haired woman in his favorite cocktail lounge, the Blue Heron. And the adventure begins.

Three clues, three blue herons, are found in a dead woman's purse; an odd key, a cryptic note and a photograph. The adventure entails long forgotten Chinese tunnels in San Francisco, car chases and gun play, as well as a secret installation in the jungles of Nicaragua.

Who or what is the third blue heron? The one bad thing; the one blue heron evading him?

One Bad Thing; One Blue Heron.

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Amazon Reviews:

Fast and Furious
by John F. on June 13, 2014
Format: Paperback

This one is an action thriller which follows the protagonist Penn Gwinn on his journey towards solving a crime. Penn is your regular guy: sure he’s smart and can solve a crime or two; but he has his flaws just like the rest of us. He makes errors of judgement and sometimes cannot spot the obvious. But all in all, he takes us on an enjoyable ride in fast cars across mean urban roads.

A relaxing vacation for our hero is marred when an untoward incident takes place. Back home when he thinks the worst is behind him, an exciting trail of murder, deception, espionage, suspense and adventure begins.

There are three clues – the blue herons – and while he gets the first two, the third one eludes Penn. A brisk-paced novel, the action in Blue Herons moves quickly, a little too quickly at times, but it all fits in well together overall.

Nice read. Would recommend it to those who enjoy detective types of adventure drama.

Action, Adventure, Drama
by Wandering M. on June 11, 2014
Format: Paperback

A dead body, a few scattered clues and high-speed car chases – Harold Miller’s “Blue Herons” has all the ingredients for a fast-paced summer read.

A holiday in a hot and happening spot in Nicaragua takes a turn for the worse for our hero (curiously called) Penn Gwinn. A woman is found murdered and all hell breaks loose. Back home in California he meets a mysterious and sexy stranger in a bar. And thus begins his pursuit for adventure.

Inside the dead woman's purse are found three things – a key, a photo and a cryptic note. How Gwinn chases these clues down (literally and figuratively) through the streets of San Francisco, forms the crux of the story.

Full of thrills and suspense, the “Blue Herons” will find favour with lovers of mystery/action novels. Though I have to admit I found a few holes in the story line; but the book kept me engaged throughout.

I haven’t read the earlier book in the Penn Gwinn series but after reading “Blue Herons” my interest is definitely piqued.

A Really Action Packed Thrill Ride
by im1Rarebird on June 6, 2014
Format: Paperback

Hal Miller has taken the knowledge from his many years of experience as an NSA agent and private eye and given us a supremely good fictional novel that could just as easily be a reality.

The story begins like a great Dick Tracy novel with Penn Gwinn (say it fast and it sounds a lot like penguin) meeting a sexy new comer in his favorite bar, The Blue Heron. Once he meets her his life is never the same. It is one grand adventure that starts with a weird murder and even stranger clues. You will get your fill of intrigue, espionage and rip roaring action.

This is a great addition to a mystery collection and I highly recommend that you not only buy the book but also that you put the author on your watch list.

A Fantastic Thriller
by Michael M on June 2, 2014
Format: Paperback

Blue Herons by Harold R Miller is a classic action thriller, the second in the Penn Gwinn series. Judging from this novel, the Penn Gwinn series looks to be a enjoyable collection of books to get absorbed in.

Blue Herons is full of suspense and action throughout. Harold R. Miller, based on this first novel of his I have read, comes across as a talented author well suited to this genre. Looking into his background, he has many years of experience in journalism, and as an editor, which comes across in the writing style he adopts in this novel.

Harold is a writer that entertains through his combination of thrilling stories combined with a nice touch of intrigue - Blue Herons being a good example of this.

Here, Penn Gwinn is on a nice vacation in Nicaragua when on the last day of the holiday the inevitable suddenly happened. Penn meets a very beautiful red haired lady in his favourite cocktail lounge - the Blue Heron.

The saga begins here - the three clues, three blue herons; an odd key, a cryptic note and a photograph discovered in a woman's purse!

Guns, murder, suspense, adventure... The missing blue heron must be found by all means!

A fantastic story and a thriller anyone will enjoy for sure. Cheers.

Hal's Book
by Katherine Otterbeck on September 16, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition

I have read a few of the Penn Qwinn series. I really need to read them in the proper sequence, I like Penn. He is not a super hero, and makes some errors in judgement. Has a very human nature. The book moved quickly, and at times, I almost lost track of the players, but the book also brought everything together as I read it. Nice read, would recommend it to my friends.

Hard to Put Down!
by Sandita on September 15, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition

Mr. Miller does it again! This is a classic detective-spy-action read with the "continuing saga of Penn Gwinn" thread. I've read a few other titles of the series and enjoyed all of them. I would love to see the series on film. Can't wait till the next one in eBook format! Easy read.

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Published by Taylor-Dth Publishing