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P. I. Adventures in Belize

Action Adventure International Intrigue
(Penn Gwinn series)

P.I. Adventures in Belize

Penn Gwinn decided to retire from his private investigating business in California. He believed Ambergris Caye in Belize would provide the rest, relaxation, and fun he greatly desired in order to banish the stress of the industry. However, his reputation as an investigator followed him, and he soon found he was just as busy in Belize as he was in the States. Perhaps, more so.

Where every day is another story.

The stories included in this book are a variation of the normal presentation in the Penn Gwinn Series. This is a collection of short stories, set in Belize, and presented in a first person style. The collection will be of great interest to the Belize-a-philes; those who have spent time in and loved the ambiance of Belize. Although a great hurricane of 2000 destroyed many of the sites and locations described as background for the plots in this book, these eight srories, each with the signature twist endings of all Harold R. Miller novels, will invigorate the interest of those who have visited the country. Perhaps, too, they will inspire those who have not yet had that pleasure, to seek it out.

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Published by Taylor-Dth Publishing