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Thai Moon Saloon

Action Adventure International Intrigue
(Penn Gwinn series)

Thai Moon Saloon

Penn Gwinn and his agency partner, Jim Starret, remained in Thailand after their involvement with the Defense Intelligence Agency during the Viet Nam 'non-war', and opened a saloon for their subsistence. They expected to retire, but the warlord of the Shan State in the Golden Triangle area of Asia, who is known as the Prince of Darkness. They are forced to get involved fighting against opium smuggling and the rivalry between the D.I.A. and the C.I.A. in another one of their inter-agency battles. This exciting and interesting story reveals just some of the problems involved in fighting the drug wars in Asia.

When the DIA Fights the CIA, Only the Losers Win.

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Thai Moon Saloon
Reviewed by Karen Penn

This action filled tale by author Harold R. Miller follows main characters Penn Gwinn and Jim Starret, who have remained behind in Thailand after the Vietnam war.

The two men have opened a saloon together and expect to retire in peace.

Things turn sour when the men are visited by the younger sister of an old friend who was killed in the war.

Her disappearance leads Penn and Jim into the jungle, and into a showdown with the 'Prince of Darkness', the warlord of the Shan State in the Golden Triangle.

Where drugs are involved, however, the Prince of Darkness is not their only adversary. The two men are forced to face not only Asian drug lords, but American government agents, as they land in the middle of a drug-fuelled inter-agency rivalry between the DIA and the CIA.

Thai Moon Saloon is another page-turner from Private Investigator Harold R. Miller, full of action to the very end, with a trademark Miller twist at the end.

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Paperback published by Taylor-Dth Publishing
Ebooks published by Red Sky Presents