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The Australian File

Action Adventure International Intrigue
(Penn Gwinn series)

The Australian File

Private Investigator Penn Gwinn is hired by the control officer of his former intelligence agency to locate a legendary mystical icon called the Aqualene, or The Eye of God, treasured by the Binin as part of the Australian Aborigine heritage. A chase develops which takes him across Baja California in a most unusual chase scene, Mexico and the Australian outback. Many people claim to be his allies, but are they, really? Or do they have their own agendas? The search for the opal leaves a trail of bodies as Penn deals with phony detectives and seductive redheaded agents.

In the chase for the Aqualene, nothing is as it seems.

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The Australian File
Reviewed by Karen Penn

Ex DIA agent turned private investigator Penn Gwinn is hired by an unknown client to fly to Sydney, Australia to purchase the legendary Aqualene, an opal known to the Australian Aboriginals as "the Eye of God".

All is not what it seems however, as the seller of the opal is murdered and the Aqualene stolen before Penn can get his hands on it.

What follows is a fast-paced, action-packed journey through Mexico and back to Australia in the chase for the legendary stone.

The Australian File is well written, with an enjoyable plot that flows well. As the author intended, nothing is quite what it seems, and as a result I found The Australian File hard to put down.

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Paperback published by Taylor-Dth Publishing
Ebooks published by Red Sky Presents