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The Belize File

Action Adventure International Intrigue
(Penn Gwinn series)

The Belize File

Penn Gwinn, private investigator, and his associate PZ, attempt to solve the murder of another P.I. who was their friend. In the middle of the investigation his former intelligence agency operations commander asks him to locate the commander's daughter, missing on her honeymoon in Belize. The two assignments turn out to be connected, as Penn and PZ discover the involvement of the USCG, the DIA, the CIA and another P.I. in the arms-for-Contras smuggling ring operating in the Caribbean, and its association with the producers of pornography. Although the clues to the resolution are placed strategically throughout the story, the ending is a surprise with an unexpected twist.

Murder and Betrayal in Paradise.

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Interview with the
The San Pedro Sun, Belize

by Maria Novelo, staff reporter

The Belize File
Reviewed by Karen Penn

Ex DEA agent turned Private Investigator Penn Gwinn has been hired to find a friend's daughter, missing on her honeymoon in Belize.

So begins an action packed novel in true Harold R. Miller style.

In his hunt for the missing girl, Penn and his partner PZ cross paths with the CIA, DIA, DEA and the USCG, all of whom are somehow entangled in the largest drug running syndicate in the Caribbean, not to mention a notorious S&M porno operation in San Francisco.

With three plots running simultaneously throughout the novel, culminating in a highly satisfactory, yet surprising ending, I would recommend The Belize File to those readers seeking an action-packed journey into the world of the Private Investigator.

The Belize File by Harold R. Miller available at:    
Amazon.com     Barnes and Noble

Published by Taylor-Dth Publishing