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The Emerald Head Caper

Light Hearted Action Adventure, Family-Style
(Penn Gwinn Series)

The Emerald Head Caper

When three kids from Temples and Sorcerers decide to visit the jungles of Belize in their hunt for the treasure shown on half of a an ancient map they discovered in an old pirates beached sailboat, they didn't expect to be meet an out of practice P.I. turned relic hunter. Nor did they expect to face a squad of Guatemalan soldiers led by an inebriated Sergeant bent on liberating the people of Belize. When the Emerald Head is found, the caper comes to an unexpected, exciting and amusing conclusion.

In Belize, Anything Can Happen...

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The Emerald Head Caper
Reviewed by Karen Penn

The Emerald Head Caper is another in the Penn Gwinn Private Investigator series by Harold R. Miller.

Although having Penn Gwinn as the central character, The Emerald Head Caper differs from the other books in the series. In this particular story, Mr. Gwinn dons the hat of a relic hunter.

Hired by an extremely wealthy client to find a relic known as the Emerald Head, Penn treks through the Belizean jungle along with three American teenagers on his latest quest. The Belizean jungle is home to many dangers, but Penn and his young friends must also deal with added problems, including a Guatemalan army squadron, who with their drunken commander, resemble a deadlier version of the keystone cops.

I enjoyed the Emerald Head Caper, and as always with Harold R. Miller's books, the ending was unexpected, amusing and left me wondering just what the next adventure will be for the affable Mr. Penn Gwinn.

The Emerald Head Caper by Harold R. Miller available at:    
Amazon.com     Barnes and Noble

Published by Taylor-Dth Publishing