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The Philippine File

Action Adventure International Intrigue
(Penn Gwinn series)

The Philippine file

When Penn Gwinn and his associate, PZ, are hired by a mysterious agent from the Philippines, who turns out to be the head of the Philippine Intelligence Services, to tail a woman twenty-four hours a day, they thought it was a simple marital relations case. They are surprised to learn the new case is related to one of their existing marital relations cases, and they uncover a trail of smuggling, murder and intrigue that reaches to the highest offices of the Philippine government, and the government's suspected involvement in the Benigno Aquino assassination in 1983.

Drugs, Greed and Intrigue

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The Philippine File
Reviewed by Karen Penn

When Private Investigator Penn Gwinn and his partner PZ of the Flying Penguin Detective Agency are hired by a client to tail a woman around the clock, they assume that it is another cheating spouse case.

When they are hired by a high ranking Filipino government official on another matter, they soon discover that neither case is what it seems, and both are intertwined.

In typical Harold R. Miller style, the two investigators discover a complicated web of international intrigue and drug smuggling that leads them on an international chase for the bad guy... but just who is the bad guy?

The Philippine File is an enjoyable and action filled peek into the life of an international private investigator. I look forward to reading the next installment of the Penn Gwinn series.

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Paperback published by Taylor-Dth Publishing
Ebooks published by Red Sky Presents