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Action Adventure International Intrigue
(Penn Gwinn series)


Penn Gwinn was tired of the agency; wasn't interested in another assignment. But in spite of his determination, his curiosity was piqued when his control agent made reference to one of his best friends.

The pursuit of the mysterious coins called Universeros revealed unknown aspects, and murders, of those he considered friends.

He crossed the desert of Northern Mexico and through the jungle of South America in the hunt for the Universeros one step ahead of ODESSA, and also got entangled in the Minutemen/ACLU battles at the southern U. S. border, while libidinous red haired women and duplicitous conspirators confounded his efforts.

Harold R. Miller is a private investigator and a former intelligence agency operative. Watch for the unexpected twist endings in all of the Penn Gwinn Series of action, adventure, mystery and international intrigue novels based on fact and his case files.

Coins. Murder. Intrigue.

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Amazon Reviews:

Reportage or Mystery Thriller - or both!   -   5 Stars
on September 5, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

California author Harold R. Miller, the author of 12 novels, states at the beginning of this 5th book in his Penn Gwinn Series that he `has been a private investigator for over twenty-five years. His case files are the basis of his action adventure novels.' That statement lends not only credibility to his novels but also inserts a sense of veracity that this author has `been there done that' - a feature in mystery novels that seals the ability to keep the reader closely glued to the story from page one. Miller also was a former intelligence operative with the NSA and is an experienced journalist and editor, a serious sailor, a playwright, and lives in the hub of it all - in Marin County, California. What this bit of pertinent biographical data fails to reveal is that he happens to write very well - mixing the experience and insight of his technical background with a thorough understanding of how to write sexy scenarios that flavor his books with the best of the James Bond imagery. He understands pacing, stage direction breaks in the suspense that offer additional tension to what is to come next, and all the while keeping the line of his novel solidly on track until the finish line.

Miller starts his Book 5 of the Penn Gwinn Series with Prologue that sucks the reader into this fascinating book: `At the end of World War II, a group called Organization Der Ehemaligen SS-Angehorigen (ODESSA) built a large and reliable network geared to secretly ushering influential and high-ranking Nazis out of Germany to start new lives in foreign countries under new names. It continues to this day, while covering up the operation and those it saved. Somewhere between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco, there are two forty-five pound leather bags, each containing two-hundred-fifty platinum one-ounce coins. They are worth a major fortune to anyone lucky enough to find them, although to do so would be a practical impossibility.' And after that Prologue, Chapter One describes a steamy encounter between a man and his wife that ends in a double assassination (the husband holds secret information pertinent to the entry of our reliable Penn Gwinn.

Miller provides as tight a synopsis of the plot as is need for a brief review: `Penn Gwinn wasn't interested in another assignment. But his curiosity is piqued when his Control Agent mentions one of his best friends, as well as the mysterious coins known as Universeros. The pursuit of the Universeros takes him through the desert of Northern Mexico and the jungles of South America, one step ahead of ODESSA - an international Nazi network set up to facilitate secret escape routes for SS officers, as well as across the U. S. Mexico border, where he becomes enmeshed in skirmishes between the Minutemen and the ACLU. As libidinous red-haired women and duplicitous conspirators attempt to confound him, exposing the darker side of those he considered friends, the stakes get higher: the mysterious coins... and murder.' That is a recipe for an intense thriller, but it fails to add the fact that Miller peppers his intrigue with some very steamy sexy scenes as well as maintaining a dialogue and scenario so palpable that it could only come form a mind who has actively been involved I such actions. Miller is a very fine writer and deserves a wide readership. Getting to know this Penn Gwinn will likely result in buying his other adventures!

Nice read. Would recommend it to those who enjoy detective types of adventure drama.

Purchase Universeros at Amazon.com

Enticing, Suspenseful, Mysterious   -   5 Stars
by Veronica on September 6, 2014
Format: :Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is book 5 of the Penn Gwinn Series, and it definitely does not disappoint! The group, known as Organization Der Ehemaligen SS-Angehorigen (ODESSA), builds a large network aimed to getting high-ranking Nazis out of Germany and into their new lives (under new aliases as well). This all occurs after World War II. Forty two pound bags of leather contain two-hundred-fifty platinum one-ounce coins. They are worth a fortune, but who is going to be the lucky one who finds them?

Chapter one of this book opens up with an encounter between man and wife, which turns deadly, due to the fact that the man knows secret information to the entry of Penn Gwinn. Penn Gwinn isn't interested in taking another assignment, but curiosity sparks his interest. His pursuit of the Universeros takes him from one mystery to the next, trying to uncover them.

This is all that I will say, due to the fact that I don't want to give too much away. Overall, this is an extremely enticing read, and very well written.

Purchase Universeros at Amazon.com

My first Penn Gwinn novel and it WON'T be my last.   -   5 Stars
by Amazon Customer "Robin" on September 15, 2014
Format: :Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This review is from: Universeros: Coins, Murder, Intrigue (The Penn Gwinn Series Book 5) (Kindle Edition)

Are you looking for a great mystery with lots of action and plenty of twists and turn, then Universeros by Harold R. Miller will be right up your alley. Universeros is book 5 of the Penn Gwinn Series and while I have not read the previous four books, it definitely left me wishing that I had.

Penn Gwinn is our leading man in this book and quite the lead he is. Penn often does contract work for the Department of Homeland Security but is looking forward to taking some time off. Despite his best efforts, however, his control agent drags him into a new assignment by mentioning his best friends and some mysterious coins called Universeros. From this point on he goes up against ODESSA (Organization Der Ehmaligen SS-Angehorigen) in an effort to get to the Universeros first and prevent them from using the coins to take over the world. This book has a little sex appeal and a lot of action making it a real page turner. I can’t wait to read more Penn Gwinn novels.

Purchase Universeros at Amazon.com

"The Universos" is a Fantastic Private Eye Thriller   -   5 Stars
by Marc Stern on September 22, 2014
Format: :Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

All Penn Gwinn wanted was some alone time after a rough case. He didn't want thugs chasing him, damsels in distress and a new assignment from a government agency for which had contracted before. Did he get his time alone? No, he didn't. Instead, his vacation in Baja ended abs and abruptly as said damsel was chased into his life by two thugs . And, he ended up being conned into a new contract for the agency.

With these scenes, among a few others, author Harold R. Miller pulls us into a murky world of action and Intrigue as Penn sets out to solve the case of the Universos, mystery coins, said to be stamped by the Nazis, that could change the world.

As he works to solve the puzzle of the coins, Penn is pulled more deeply into a world of corrupt cops, libidinous redheads, former Nazis, secret organizations bent on world domination and friends who were not what they seemed.

In a nutshell, that is the world created for readers by a very skillful author, who knows his way around sentences and scenes. In "Universos: Coins, Murder, Intrigue," the fifth in the Penn Gwinn series of mystery novels, author Harold R. Miller proves the he deserves to be included in the pantheon of great detective writers like Micky Spillane and Ellory Queen, two of the best to write in this genre.

Miller is a masterful writer whose skill is apparent in the taut, tension-filled scenes he creates. He uses his narrative the way a composer uses his music to create a mood and then change that mood quickly. A real private eye, Miller uses his knowledge well as he as he has hit leading character, Penn, take off on a danger-filled trip trough Mexico, South America and America's Southwest in search of the coins of power that leave a bloody trail in their wake as they travel to their watery fate.

That trip to their watery fate includes a uniquely whimsical twist that will leave you shaking your head, but the twist is rather unique and shows the author to be very sure of his work. Miller has every right to be sure of his work. His ability to build a scene and then switch seemlessly to another scene is excellent. And, his ability to kereaeep the story moving along and to keep you moving along with it is excellent.

Overall, Harold R. Miller is sure to have another winner in the latest Penn Gwinn novel. I think you will too when you peruse it. It is a great read.

Purchase Universeros at Amazon.com

Don't miss this wonderful mystery thriller!
5 Stars

by Jewels133 on September 25, 2014
Format: :Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Universeros is the fifth installment in the Penn Gwinn mystery thriller series by Harold R. Miller. I have to admit I have not read any of his previous mystery series books, (this one was recommended to me) so it took me a while to get used to Mr. Miller’s unique writing style, which comes largely from his quarter of a century history and experience as a private investigator. Because he has fist hand knowledge of investigation, Miller has the skill to weave a believable and exciting tale of adventure, intrigue and suspense.

Mr. Miller’s clever use of details paint such vivid mental imagery that the reader feels as though they are sitting in the thick of it with his main character. Penn is drawn, rather unwillingly, into the multi-national chase for the one of a kind historical Universos Nazi coins. What he really wants is to relax on a beach somewhere and take a much-deserved vacation, but when Penn Gwinn is tricked into taking yet another case, his search for the infamous coins sends him on a quest through the harsh desert climate of Mexico and the dangerous South American jungle. Penn must stay one step ahead of ODESSA or Organization Der Ehmaligen SS-Angehorigen, who hope to find the coins first and use them to take over the world.

If you enjoy mystery thrillers from James Patterson, Dan Brown or Robert Ludlum, Harold R Miller’s work is not to be missed, and I look forward to reading the rest of this series in order.

Universeros by Harold R. Miller available at:    
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Published by Taylor-Dth Publishing